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More to Everybody's Story

By Bud Lemire

When I say nobody is perfect, this is what I mean
Everyone has their faults, making them less than a King or Queen
You think that you know them, but you don't have a clue
There's more below the surface, than you ever knew

A story behind each person, could be good or bad
News about someone, might even make you sad
Many times we just know a little, about the people that we know
Just what's on the surface, but there is much more below

The story their life tells, is so much more
To know their whole life's story, better to not ignore
Get all the facts right, get your story straight
Then you'll know them better, and that will be great

Sometimes you have to ask around, just to get it right
And do a lot of research, to put things in the light
Yet, there is always the hidden and the unknown
A childhood friend, may have changed when they had grown

Some of us grow, with all that we learn
Others tend to, take the wrong turn
Life's the greatest teacher, it teaches us well
The story of one's life, is not always easy to tell

©June 14, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Each person we know has some part of their life's
story we may not know anything about. Something
that is hidden and unknown to us. Some trials they
have been through in life's journey. Maybe some
abuse of some kind. Somehow they survived and
have come to be the people we know and love. And
through each, they have grown and learned to be
who they are today.

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