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I Love Asparagus

By Bud Lemire

I love asparagus, you might already know
Those spears of green, give me an inner glow
I steam them, and sometimes in a salad they'll be
I believe a healthy diet, is really life's key

Green spears, purple spears, and even the white
They hold a lot of vitamins, within every bite
I think, they have a wonderful taste
When I have them, none go to waste

Here's something, and it is the truth
I like to drink, asparagus juice
Some may think I'm crazy, I really don't care
But only on special occasions, will I ever share

Not everybody likes it, but that's okay by me
Why you can even smell it, when you go pee,
Almost every Friday I have it with my fish
Let me tell you, they sure look colorful on my dish
Give me a spear, I'll eat them all
Maybe it will, help me grow tall

©June 28, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Well, it hasn't helped me grow tall yet. But I am
enjoying the taste of them in the meantime. It is
good for you too. No matter which way you have
it, it is good for you.

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