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A World Of Fantasy

By Bud Lemire

Take me away, on a journey to see
In the mind's eye, of all things to be
The words dance around, with a story they tell
With you by my side, we're under a spell

You're on this quest, with me by your side
If the evil is too strong, then we'll both hide
The greater magic, born of the light
Will guide us along, making all things right

Where will we go, just turn the page
Will the evil Wizard, go into a rage
The magical ring, will help you through
If you are caught, what will you do

In a book of Fantasy, anything goes
Only the author, is the one who knows
They've taken us, on the journey of the mind
Along the way, there is so much we can find

Yet, it's not only the mind, but of the soul
A magical quest, can make you feel whole
Take me away, on a journey to see
The magic we explore, in a world of Fantasy

©July 19, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

This is dedicated to the woman who is always
on every quest I take into Fantasy. She is by
my side and holds the power to be the very
best sorceress that one could bring along on
any quest. She is magical, she is beautiful, she
is truly the greatest. I Love you, Vicki.

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