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A Will

By Bud Lemire

Before your life ends, here are some things to know
Doing right by those left behind, before you go
Legally, get yourself a Will, do it right
Smile at the outcome, as you walk into the Light

So many relatives, that are left behind
Are battling for possessions, is what I find
They have bills, they shouldn't have at all
Many have found, they are up against a wall

Before you leave this world, get everything taken care of
Getting this done, is showing the greatest kind of love
No worries, it's so easy to just glide
You weren't taken, for a hair raising ride

“Oh dear, oh my, what will I do?”
“Should that go to Uncle Tim, or Cousin Sue?”
“If I give it to Tim, Sue will be mad”
“No matter what I do, it will turn out bad”

So many times, it leaves a family at war
Feuding among themselves, in an uproar
Where a disagreement shouldn't be
“That picture on his wall, should have gone to me!”
“Instead it went to his Nephew Jim”
“Why did it have to go to him?!”

©Sep 18, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Before someone passes, a Will should be made.
To make sure this person is assured everyone
will get what they have coming to them from
the deceased person. The better the legal form,
the better the hopes of everyone getting what
that person wanted everyone to have. Yet, it seems
even when it is planned good, things can go wrong.
Families are at war within, and it isn't good. Please
do your best to get everything planned right, so when
you pass, everything will fall into place perfectly.

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