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By Bud Lemire

Sundog, a rainbow in the sky
Winter's beauty, seen to our eye
On the horizon, you just might see
Something magnificent, I'm sure you'll agree

Parhelion is another word to use
Sundog is the word I'd choose
Who would have thought, on a Winter's day
That we'd see a rainbow, so special in every way

Two Sundogs make a halo, I bet that's a sight
I bet it shows up great, in the sun light
You don't often see it, but you never know
When a Sundog will most likely show

Sundog? I wonder if it could bark
High above, while I walk through the park
Take another picture, to show your friends
Because it'll disappear, because that is how time ends
Sundog, a rainbow in the sky
Winter's beauty, seen to our eye

©Dec 14, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I saw a rainbow in the sky on one Winter's day.
I didn't realize it was called a sundog. I was
just happy to see it, no matter what season it was.
Beauty is one thing I look for in many things.

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