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Chop Suey

By Bud Lemire

There's a meal my Mom would fix for me
Water Chestnuts, bamboo chutes, what could it be
Chow Mein noodles, soybeans and poured over rice
Pork and Beef, and it sure was really nice

Put a little Soy Sauce on it, and it will taste great
A special meal for me, that I always ate
Must be my Birthday, or a special day for me
I sure do love Chop Suey, no matter what day it be

Back then, I filled my plate
I was happy, because it sure was great
I still love Chop Suey, but don't eat it like before
I have it now and then, when I buy it at the store

Thinking back ro those days, are memories I cherish in my heart
The foods that Mom made, were a delightful work of art
She always did her best, delicious food for her family
She made each meal with love, and I knew that was the key

©Jan 24, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Every time when my Birthday came, she would fix Chop Suey, and it
was such a special day because I loved it. Sometimes she would just
make it, because she knew I liked it. It was always a special day when
we had it. Pork and Beef, perfectly cooked. Chop Suey vegetables added.
Poured over rice and Chow Mein noodles. Add a touch of Soy Sauce, and
it was the best. Thank you Mom!

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