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The Spit

By Bud Lemire

Let's do The Spit
There's nothing to it
Just move your head
And get out of bed

Cough it all up
A little is not enough
Let's see that phlegm fly
Let's see it go bye bye

When you're feeling sick
And it's all yucky and ick
Why don't you spit a gob
Have some tissue, so you're not a slob

Get it all out, so it's not there
When it's all gone, breathe the nice air
Easy it will soon be
When the thick snot is gone from thee

With head over the toilet, or a spittoon
Spit up the mess, and it will be gone soon
Just move around, let's do The Spit
It's easy if you try, there's nothing to it

İMar 15, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Spit up all that phlegm and soon you will
feel much better.

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