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Signals From Spirit

By Bud Lemire

Someone's messing with my TV
I wonder, who it could be
I was watching a Netflix show
And then I was on Amazon, I just don't know
I didn't even push a button on the remote
Someone was trying to get my goat
Then my Nexus started up
I think enough is really enough

When electronics go haywire
Bringing you places without your desire
Do you believe it is spirits who have come to say
“yes it was me, and I was with you today”
You might believe it was an electronics glitch
I believe it was spirits, and I get a happy itch
I believe they come around to let us know
In any way that they can, to show

Have you ever had a picture appear
On your computer, of someone dear
Coincidence, or could it be
A spirit at play, that you can't see
There's an energy that spirits can use
A method that they can choose

Ever hear a song on the radio
That reminds you of someone you know
They passed away, years ago
Their presence is to say hello
Next time it happens, recall what was said
Are our loved ones, really dead?

©Jan 31, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

They may have left this world. Yet from
the Spiritual Realm, are still able to send
signals to us in many ways. To let us know
their spirits live on. They want us to know
that. They may be dead as we know it, yet
alive in another way. The Spiritual Way!

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