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By Bud Lemire

Earlier this year, I was presented with a choice to make
Between the two, there was only one I could take
It was tangled up necklaces, and could I take them apart
I could have easily said no, but it was a challenging piece of art

In life, there are challenges in each day
Some may seem hard, but we always find a way
We may think we can't do it, but if only we try
We will overcome them, every day until we die

It may take some time, or willpower from within
With a little patience, I am positive you can win
Don't give up, work on it and you'll see
Like a jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time is the key

One step at a time, and soon you will be done
You thought you couldn't do it, you fooled everyone
Because you thought you could, there was no stopping you
Your positive attitude, is what got you through

Many times in life, this is what we'll find
Something that we can't comprehend, within our mind
But with a little effort, we find out something more
The Challenges are lessons, too hard to ignore

©Feb 20, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Everyday we are faced with challenges. Some are bigger
and some are smaller, yet we still have them. We manage
to get through them all. Just when you think you can't, you
are through it and have done it. Being positive helps.

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