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My Pinard Family

By Bud Lemire

The first was Louis Pinard, in Canada so long ago
Then there's the Louis Pinard, that we all know
His parents and siblings, all were in Biddeford Maine
He came to Champion Michigan, and it's there he'd remain

With his wife Emily Cyr, three children he had
Oscar, Delia, and Louis, all called him Dad
Emily passed away, and he was all alone
Then he met Emilia, she had a family of her own

The Belangers were Tom, Exilia, and George, her first family
One married a Fish, and she was well known to me
Louis and Emilia married, and two more came along
Cordelia and Flora, were added to their life's song

Oscar married Zelpha Fontaine, Delia married Camille Lemire
Louis married Louise St. Jean, each family was dear
Cordelia married a Forgette, Alphonse was his name
Flora married Thomas Mager, and a family soon came

The great Pinard family, had many offspring
Even with genealogy, I still haven't collected everything
But what I do have, is a story I'll tell
They are my family, so I know them well

©Feb 22, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Being so deep into the Pinard genealogy lately, I needed to
write a poem about them. Thanks to all my Pinard Cousins.
I want to thank those who helped me at the beginning, Leo
Pinard, & Janice Berezay. Without their help, I would not
have even had any idea how or where to get some of the
information I did. I want to also thank everyone else who
has helped me with their family information, Judy Cabral,
The Lemire Descendants, The Mager Descendants, Maryann
Belanger, and Stark (Elmo Pinard's Grandson), and so many
others. Thank you all.

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