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A Compassionate Touch

By Bud Lemire

We're in need of, A Compassionate Touch
For those going through, so very much
So many people, truly don't understand
This knowledge must reach them, and then expand

How can you really, understand what they go through
You're not in their shoes, and they are not you
Many times you only know a part
When you do understand, you touch their heart

For someone, who's illness, is so very strong
Feeling so weak, they need your song
A touch of compassion, a listening ear
Because in their reality, they have so much to fear

Every day, has a difficult choice within
Neither choices are ones you can win
“Seeing so many Doctors, they experiment on me”
“Sometimes it backfires, but it was worth it to see”

You see, people judge without knowing the story complete
I find myself always having to repeat
Still I can't sink it into their head
So many don't get it, I turn away in frustration instead

Just remember this, you don't know everything
A better understanding, is what everyone should bring
Learn to realize, and thank you very much
To look upon each person, with a Compassionate Touch

©May 26, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

We truly need a Compassionate Touch. People need to know
that we truly don't know what the other person has gone through.
How can we judge them, without knowing the whole story. We have
no clue of all they have gone through. Once we are knowing, then we
are growing. Let's grow together and understand them better.

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