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Play It Again, Jerry

By Bud Lemire

He plays some great tunes, on the piano keys
With his magic for music, and the greatest of ease
Play it again, Jerry, I've got a request
I know when you play, it is the best

Tune up the piano, because of the weather
Because what you play, it gives us so much pleasure
With a smile on his face, he plays
The piano keys move, and he swings and sways

The Entertainer, he'll play for you
He even plays the Accordion too
Come on people, let's listen to Jerry
The music he plays, will make you feel merry

His sense of humor, brings a laugh from the crowd
Many will smile, and laugh out loud
That's not the name of the song!
He knows that already, he's never wrong

Thanks for the music Jerry, you struck the right key
A song means a lot, when it is played for me
You brought back some memories, with the song you played
Look at my face, and you can see the smile it has made
You got my soul a dancing, I just had to say
Let's hear another song Jerry, let's hear you play

©June 13, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I first heard Jerry Beauchamp on the Accordion at North Woods
Place. He's played many years on Mackinac Island. His ear for
music has brought music to the ears of his audience. He plays
music with a musical talent and so much zest. He tunes the piano
so it plays the best, so he can give his best. Thank you my friend
for playing the music we love to hear.

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