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Snowy White Owl

By Bud Lemire

It was like any other day
It happened on the fifth of May
I was on the Aronson Island, to the shore
Yet on this day, there so much more

I spotted something, closer to shore
A white head, yet I had to see more
I grabbed my camera, and used the zoom
Not too close, it needed the room

A Snowy White Owl, what a sight to see
It was looking around, and watching me
Its head went almost, all the way around
As it sat there staring, right there on the ground

I tried to get closer, a different angel to get
It took off in flight, but it was Seagulls it met
Back to the shelter of trees it flew
Not far from the lake, that was a pretty blue

I took a video, and more pictures too
A voice inside me said “Bud, it's looking at you”
Since that day, it seemed easy to find
On a boat, a building, and even a Shopko sign

©May 9, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

It was a special day for me when I saw the Snowy
White Owl. I was just looking at Owls online, and
thinking, “I would love to get a picture of an owl.”
Well, someone was listening, because there it was,
and I saw. They are amazing creatures, and look so
unreal with they way look and move. I'm so happy
I had the opportunity to see one and capture it with
my camera in pictures and videos.

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