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Springtime In Da U.P.

By Bud Lemire

Nothing is better, when you listen and hear
Da birds of da U.P., singing their Springtime cheer
Several are coming back, from their migration south
Starting a new family, feeding the little ones by mouth

The ice has melted, and buds are sprouting
A great time to enjoy, a Springtime outing
The little black flies, are flying everywhere
In swarms, they always seem to take over the air

Soon, the grass will be green
Until then, yellow is seen
I love to hear, the birds up in a tree
Their songs, always mean so much to me

Even the squirrels and chipmunks, are scurrying around
And the rabbits, are hopping all over the ground
The Geese and the Ducks, flying here and there
Of course the Seagulls, can be found everywhere

Buds in the trees, some leaves will be green
A great time to enjoy, such a beautiful scene
Springtime is great, when you're in da U.P.
So much beauty, and so very much to see

©May 2, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Springtime in da U.P. Is indeed a wonderful time
of the year. The the start of things changing from
cold to warm. New families starting for the creatures
we share this planet with. The ice is gone, and we see
the blue water. We can shed our coats for something
lighter to wear. Oh yes, I love Springtime in da U.P.

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