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Some Of My Friends Are Butterflies

By Bud Lemire

“Some of my friends are Butterflies”
Said a little girl, her words were so wise
Our encounter, was in the Butterfly tent
I believe her words, were Heaven sent

The Monarchs were flying, one landed on me
She took it off, and then set it free
One landed on my cap, she pointed where
So I aimed my camera, and snapped a picture there

Then I took a picture of her, with a Butterfly on her stick
I just captured the moment, with one little click
The Butterflies sure loved the purple flower
I could have stayed there for over an hour

Like a Butterfly, flying with its wings
I take from each moment, and what it brings
A picture is still, yet the memory is there
And it can be played, when you're anywhere

That little girl had an insight, which she shared with me
Believing is possible, beyond what you see
The Butterfly Tent, was at the U. P. State Fair
Where I met a little girl, who was well aware

©Aug 16, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When that little girl told me some of her friends were
Butterflies. I had so many questions to ask her about
what made her think that. Because I believe that spirits
who have passed, can visit us as many things, one of which
is Butterflies.

Photo below by Bud Lemire. Check his bio for links to his Poetry Blog and his Photo Blog.

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