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The Valley of Sorrow

By Kimberly Marquette

The valley of sorrow is deep dark and cold
Though I was young, the pain made me old
My laughter was silenced
My heart weighed like a stone
The tears I cried could fill a raging river
I wondered why
Felt like I wondered alone

Remember it takes two mountains, for a valley to be
It's this simple truth God whispered to me
It takes lots of courage
Lots of help from above
But if you keep on believing and you never give up
You'll find yourself back on a mountain of love

If we picked the path of our own lives
We would always choose the easy road
Sail the smoothest waters
Carry the lightest load

But it was down in that dark valley
I learned of joy through despair
I heard the beauty of laughter
In the silence found there

It's a long hard climb
Sometimes I feel I can't win
When I'm down in that valley I have just one prayer
God give me the strength to climb the mountain again

©Late 1990's Kimberly Marquette

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