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Golden Rod

By Bud Lemire

Golden Rod is strongly in the air once more
Behind my eyes, in my head, making me feel sore
Why do you pick on me, Golden Rod
Making me feel sore, on all parts of my bod

Down there by the water, I didn't know that was you
In fact I didn't realize, all the things that you could do
You're nasty, and got my eyes a itching
I don't mean to be doing this bitching

There's rag weed, and so much more
Making my nose run, and my eyes sore
I take a pill for allergies, every day
Hoping they can keep, the allergies away

By the time night comes upon me
My eyes itch and water, and it's hard to see
Sometimes I'm blowing my nose so much
It gets very sore, and is hard to touch

One time there was Golden Rod, in a picture that I took
When I'm in the kitchen, I sneeze when I cook
Be careful of Golden Rod, you have allergies
Grab a tissue or hanky, because you'll start to sneeze

Aug 22, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I never realized all the sneezing that Golden Rod can cause.
But it could be other things around here as well that is a
combination and causing me to sneeze. Achoo! Yes, it's
that time again.

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