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I'm Afraid Of Needles

By Bud Lemire

I'm afraid of needles, I look the other way
Wishing it was over and done, and it was yesterday
They need to take some blood, I hope they get it right
Jabbing me more than once, gives me such a fright

At first, it's just a little prick
I start a conversation, and it does the trick
Before you know it, a cotton swab is in place
You can see relief, written all over my face

I'm not the only one, who fears needles like I do
There are many of us, and I know this is true
I know, for sure, that it's all in our head
Calming words can help us, with what's being said

Distractions, keeps our mind from fear
Soothing are the words, that we always hear
Thoughts that are positive, help us make it through
These are things, that may work for you

Life can bring us many things, that can bring on fear
Some cause us so much, they bring on a tear
But if we believe, that everything will be okay
Positive thoughts, will bring us to a better day

Sept 20, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Yes, it's true I do have a fear of needles. But I have
learned to think positive, and it does help. I have
heard of others who I would never believed, that
are afraid of them. That is why many do not go to
the Doctor unless they really need to. I can understand
their fear. But I have found ways around it. Let your
mind wander, positive thoughts, distractions, because it
is over real quick. Then you will wonder, why did you
waste time worrying about it.

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