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Tennis Elbow

By Bud Lemire

They say I have Tennis Elbow, but I never played Tennis before
I can tell you one thing, my arm sure is sore
It feels like a snake bit me, and that snake is still there
Constant pain down my arm, as for pain, I've had my share

I went to see my Doctor, she sent me to therapy
Now I am exercising, and putting ice on me
I wonder if I'll have to eat Elbow Macaroni too
I wonder how long it'll take, before I'm through

I can feel that pain in the back of my shoulder
With that ice that I'm using, it sure is colder
They gave me a list of things I'm suppose to do
I never played Tennis, at least not that I knew

People have told me, you can get it from many things
Life and its activities, and whatever it brings
Maybe I took too many pictures, and now I'm paying the price
Or played too many games, where I was throwing the dice

I thought I did this, while asleep one night
Woke up and felt pain, like someone beat me in a fight
Or maybe while grocery shopping, my heavy backpack did this to me
Whatever the case, I wish to set this pain free

©Oct 4, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Not really sure how I got this.
It's been told many people get this.
So now I'm dealing with it. I can still do most things I do, and I am
keeping the pain under control. I just need to learn to rest often,
and keep following what the therapists are telling me. The pain
seems to be lessening to some degree, so it must be working.
Anyone for Tennis? Forget it, I'm taking up Ping Pong.

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