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Thanksgiving Is All About Thankfulness

By Bud Lemire

To Me, this is the meaning of Thanksgiving
Those in my life, whether passed, or still living
Thanking those in my life, and the kindness they share
By showing me good people, and that they really care

By knowing I am in, a really good home
They truly appreciate, when I share a poem
To know I am appreciated, in all that I do
And my dear neighbor, I truly appreciate you

Everyone we touch, in our lives every day
Has some sort of effect, on us in some way
Family and friends, each person that we know
Pass through our lives, touching upon our soul

It's not really about the meal, served on Thanksgiving day
It's all about the things and people, who have touched us in some way
The people who always find a way, to always stay in touch
The ones who show us their love, and show us just how much

The ones we can feel, deep down in our heart
The ones we know, will always be a special part
Souls that connect, will never be alone
Hearts that beat together, will never turn to stone

Never let a day pass, without being thankful for love
That we feel for others, we're always thinking of
Especially I feel, on this special Thanksgiving
Thank God for those passed, and those who are still living
For they have all, touched upon our lives in a wonderful way
Thanks for what they're always giving, on this Thanksgiving Day

©Nov 9, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The Thanksgiving meal always tastes really good. Beyond that,
I am so thankful for such good friends, who show how much they
care. Being a part of my life, is truly a blessing. I am happy to
have them in my life, and to know them. Those who have passed,
continue to be watching me from Heaven. Still touching me from
that Spiritual place. Those who are in my life presently, continue
to show their love and support and friendship, in a thankful way.
So I appreciate them, and I say Thanks For The Giving,
for what you are always giving me.

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