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The Christmas Bell

By Bud Lemire

All was silent, on this Christmas night
The tree was lit, with a colorful light
Ornaments hanging, from the tree
One was a bell, given to me

On this silent night, in this winter wonderland
That bell started ringing, not by a human hand
Mom gave it to me, and then she went
She said when it rings, it'll be Heaven sent

The family surrounded the tree, as it rang
It was Mom's favorite song, that they sang
They could almost hear her, singing along
This love they felt, was what made them strong

She always loved this time of year
They each felt her love, as it drew near
She loved each one so very much
One by one, they felt her Heavenly touch

They remembered the last words she said
Just before her body became dead
“When you stand around the Christmas Tree”
“If the bell should ring, you'll know it's me”
Mom was never one to pass up a family event
Each of them knew, that bell, was Heaven sent

© Dec 19, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

So often we think those who left this world are gone.
Yet they can be so very close, we can feel them. Just
remember their human bodies are gone, but their souls
within become amazing spirits that gather around the
ones they love. They try to tell us, but we have not
tuned them in. So they try whatever means they can
to remind us, that at Christmas time, they are with us.

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