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The Enemy Within

By Bud Lemire

For some of us, the enemy lives within
We fight them off, but we can never win
Life's battle scars, has left us very sore
We want to relax, but all we do is roar

We bang the drum, we bang the wall
We crash the carts, right in the hall
We scare the people, that we are around
We're out of control, we keep losing ground

I fought for our country, in a mighty war
Now I fight demons, that keep coming through my door
I know you can't see them, yet they're real to me
You would understand, if you knew my history

They gave me medicine, to keep me in control
Yet all I want to do, is crawl out of this hole
Break free, of these enemies within
Part of me knows, I will never win

I never asked for this, I never did
I started off, as a normal kid
Along the way, something happened to me
The things you don't know, are the things that I see

Dec 30, 2018 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

We never know everyone's story. How they came to
be who they are today. What they've been through
in their lifetime. Then one day we know more, and
understand their story a little better. Can we truly
say that under the same circumstances, that it could
have been us. Yes, if we had traveled their journey.
But we didn't and they did, and they have to live with
it. But we can take what we learned, and understand
a little better of where they are coming from, and what
they are going through.

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