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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Does it matter which Religion?

It doesn't matter so much what religion you are..etc. God doesn't care about religions... He cares about people. Life. Animals. I have found that no matter what religion one is in,or if in no religion, miracles happen to people.

When I was in a cult, I had miracles happen. When I got out of the cult, that in itself was a miracle. People and animals have BABIES..THAT is a miracle.

I have had awesome experiences, and have read a lot from various sources. But the experiences that have happened to me..via dreams, visitations, real life. NO ONE can take them from me.

Was having a bible study when in the cult. They served us coffee. It was sooooooooo strong. When we left the house to go to another bible study, I said "maybe we can get some gum or something." Our guts were brewing. Two stores in this itty bitty town in West Virginia. Both closed. Rats. We moved on to the next Bible study. I was going to ask for water.

We pulled into the driveway and one of the kids, about 12, comes running out of the house..and says, "You want some gum?" There were no cell phones, I did not call ahead. But it was a lovely family we were working on converting. LOL.

The point is, We are all connected. This gets me into, God is not one entity.

Judith 11/20/2018

November 29

I had a dream last night.
I was traveling in the universe, and remembered that people had NDE's.
It didn't matter what they believed, or in whom they believed...
What they learned..all learned from the NDE's was to love.

PURE love. Since we are all energy...
Pure energy, then we need to focus on LOVE..
Find our inner love and let it shine.
It doesn't matter if you believe in a God or not..
You can still...still BE LOVE..
That is what the other side is. Unconditional love.. It can be attained here.
I woke up a happy camper.

I was thinking today of my mom's mom--a happy soul who insisted her three grandchildren call her by her first name Lena and call her husband Hector. So here are three kids saying, "Lena, Lena." People turn their heads and say that is so disrespectful to say that. We called her Lena because Lena wanted that. Now, many years later, Lena is gone, and I think, "What lesson did I learn from this?" We truly don't know what is happening in someone else's world, and it was not right to yell at three kids who were being obedient little ones.

For this new year, I am going to continue to work on not judging people. After all, we are all connected!! BTW, when my twins were babies, my grandpa worked on my Jeremy to get him to say Hector. So, Jeremy's first word was Hector. He did it. It made an old man happy. I am happy and proud to be the only grand-daughter of Lena and Hector. I smile joyfully!!
Judith 12/31/2018

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