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Our Wagon Train Rolls On

By Mary E. Adair

See photo of my daughter Kathy,
hubby JL Brice, and her four children Melinda,
Amanda, Luther, and Joshua, Dressed Up like Old Times.

We are a People with Purpose
     Forever setting some goal
Striving through calamities
     And stormy skies black as coal.

Bonding together as needs arise
     Finding answers to let all survive
Sharing talents and devolving ways
     To brace each other keeping hopes alive

Like those who moved westward
     Seeking a better life of their own
Long trains of covered wagons
     Bearing dreams in heart, mind, and bone

When for some dire reason
     One or more wagons must stop
Others shared space and kept traveling
     Not allowing their vision to drop

Still today we move forward together
     Through inventive manner hard to believe
Sharing concern and solutions for our health
     That our forefathers could never conceive

And as a Nation we stand Solid
     Individuals as one moving ahead
There are still glorious times beckoning
     Yet we shall remember to mourn our dead

Those who led toward the future
     Leaving their doubts and fears on the trail
Will ever awaken new determination
     To not allow our own dreams to fail

So let us still strive for the summits
     For new compassion in our actions
Blessing our descendants yet to come
     With our whole lives without distractions

Forgetting no one, leaving none along the way
     Together is the answer and always has been true
Mock no one's dreams, slight no individuality
     And we will stay strong, melded as One, me and you

Our lives move intrinsically onward
     Bearing sights, beliefs, plans, and victories won
Do not fear the tomorrows, my friends,
     Our Wagon Train rolls on.

©January 27, 2019 Mary E. Adair

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