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This Heart of Mine

By Bud Lemire

I've been traveling here, a long time
Feeling things, with this heart of mine
Not sure what's happening, or what will be
Just hoping that love, will be good to me

I gave it my all, what else could I do
There were many things, that I never knew
Now I am wandering, in some distant place
A long ago time, and I keep my pace

I wonder for me, what's in this year
Heart broken promises, only brings on more fear
I have many friends, yet I walk alone
Each day that passes, my heart becomes stone

How did it all, turn to this
Everything that happened, all gone amiss
Yet the journey I traveled, led me each day
I tried every moment, to find a better way

Even though my heart is lonely, with all I think of
I know someday again, I will search for love
For now I'll love myself, and it'll help me through
As I carry on, doing what only I can do

©Jan 8, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

For many of us, love ends with a broken heart. We say
that's the end of love for us. But deep inside us, we find
the strength to go on. And one day, without us even
looking, love finds us. We travel together awhile and
enjoy each others company in a wonderful way. When
you come to the crossroads, you throw a few rocks at
each other and head in different directions.

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