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Journey Within A Book

By Bud Lemire

Take a journey with me, within a book
Come on, let's see, let's take a look
The adventure will take us, to a far off place
I know with the books we've read, that is the case

Let's cheer for the hero, with so much to do
Before this book, he was someone we hardly knew
Now we are hoping, that all will end well
We know it won't happen, without going through some hell

As more characters, pop up along the way
Each one a friend, that we hope will stay
The enemy arises, he's so very strong
The hero will prevail, his name in a song

Don't worry, about the blood and the gore
Ahead in this chapter, is so much more
The author knows, how to pull us in
With his master mind, I'm sure he will win

We just started this book, and it's almost done
And together we traveled, and sure had some fun
I'm so glad, you took the journey with me
Within a book, it's an adventure for thee

©Feb 3, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

What an adventure a book can take you on. It can
bring you places you never have been before. It can
put thoughts in your head, and just make you forget
that it is only a book. Until of course you put it down,
and realize, you are back in the real world. But, what
a place to go. What an adventure!

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