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I Love Your Blue Vest

By Bud Lemire

Can you stay with me for awhile
I love the way that you smile
Maybe we could play a game or two
Because that would help me through

I love your vest, so bright and blue
Can I get one, just like you?
They are so comforting, uplifting to see
When you are sitting, right next to me

Time goes slow, as I sit here
The unknown future, causes so much fear
I really don't ask for that much
Your warm presence, is like a gentle touch

Yes, I'd love a game of cards with you
But with my mind, tell me what I should do
I can't remember, how I got this way
Yet, I still remember, my Wedding Day

You know, the other day, someone came by
Said they stopped in, just to say hi
I didn't know who it was, but they knew me
I keep trying to think, who they could be
I hate to talk too much, but I need to rest
But I must say, I love your blue vest

©Feb 13, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

This actually happened to me at a place I was at. A resident
was looking at my blue vest and asked where she could get
one like mine. It surprised me, because I did wonder what
she was looking at. I guess she liked the blue color, and I
must admit, it is a beautiful blue. So, Senior Companions,
show off your blue vests, because “I Love Your Blue Vest”

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