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Me, in A Nutshell

By Bud Lemire

I capture the beauty, in photos I take
The birds, the sunsets, and sunrises when I wake
I write about them, with rhyming words
They take to flight, like the wings of the birds

I occasionally climb, my Family Tree
I find out about, the history of me
I get lost, in a good book
Images from them, I just have to look

You'll find me watching, my favorites on TV
I love a great imagination, with each show that I see
Every Friday, I love my Fish
You could say, it's my weekend dish

Riding my bicycle, on a beautiful day
Blue skies and white clouds, passing my way
I've been a Personal Care Aide, for thirty seven years
I treasured each experience, and shed some tears

Recently I've become a Senior Companion, a friend to the old
I seem to fit in here, is what I've been told
My life is ever changing, as I travel through time
To enjoy every moment, with this heart of mine

©Feb 26, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

In a Nutshell, this tells you a bit about me. Even though
with each subject and each interest, there is more to the
story. More to me. More to everything I do.

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