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St.Patrick's Day

By Bud Lemire

Have you seen the Leprechaun, he comes around each year
He'll do his very best, to offer you some green beer
He dances around in a jig, all dressed up in green
It's the most spectacular sight, that you've ever seen

They say he's been searching everywhere, for a pot of gold
Every time we see him, he doesn't seem to look that old
He tells everyone, he doesn't like to cook
Yet he'll eat a Ruben sandwich, if you take a look

Some say he spent too much time, at the Blarney Stone
Many still consider him, to be the Happy Gnome
A Leprechaun, is what you'll always see
That is all, he'd ever hope to be

A four leaf clover, is his lucky charm
A three leaf clover, will only cause alarm
Dance a jig, put on something green
Any other color on this day, should never be seen

You don't have to be Irish, to celebrate this holiday
Dance around in your green underwear, and enjoy it anyway
St. Patrick's Day is here again, let's all go green
Let's dance around the shamrock, and everywhere in between

©Mar 14, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Normally I don't wear green for this Holiday. Although I do have a
green shirt I can wear. If you're Irish, it's a must to celebrate your
heritage on this day. For me, I celebrate the Celtic music, that has
me dancing a jig every time I hear it playing. It has me celebrating
St. Patrick's Day every time I hear it. Happy St. Patrick's day!

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