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By Mary E. Adair

June 2019

"It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes
and pleasant scents the noses."
--Nathaniel Parker Willis .

Long heralded as the month for brides, your editor's first jump across the marital broomstick was in the direct center of the month - June 15 - but the legality didn't last as many years as the days counted down from the first of the month to the wedding sunrise. It should have been perfect! Parents had married in June and sailed a steady matrimonial vessel as did many other couples too numerous to recount. So, what rocked our boat? Another thing June is known for - remorse, recriminations, roses that have lost their petals, reading. And that's where Pencil Stubs Online saves the day.

Our authors have done their part to cheer you up if you have the June jitters. Sixteen poems have been composed to set your mind into other pathways. There is a story by Barbara Irvin ("Marital Mishap"), and columns from around the world to bring new perspectives to peruse.

Both Bud Lemire and John I. Blair submitted six poems. Bud Lemire's are "Things We Need to Let Go" "The Free Items Table," "Journey in A Song," "The Island," "Polish Poker," and "Cribbage." Those last two are illustrated.

John I Blair's half dozen are: "Blackie", "Ants," "Dreams," "Drive By," "Primroses in The Grass," and "Waiting for Tornadoes."

Phillip Hennessy said this poem jumped into his mind and had to be shared: "It May As Well Be Me." Bruce Clifford penned a couple: "The Land" and "Time Flash." Barbara Irvin's poem for June is "About to Go On." Also in this issue, as mentioned above, her short story "Marital Mishap."

Marilyn Carnell (Sifoddling Along) discloses the history and celebration of Pineville's Earthquake Day. LC Van Savage (Consider This) confesses how and just how much board games leave her boredl Judith Kroll (On Trek) comments on Free Will and gaining serenity from relaxing in a lovely setting.

Thomas F. O'Neill (Introspective) shares the info from the newspaper concerning his getting his Bachelor's Degree. When clicking the link he shared, the newspaper pops up a survey which requires one answer as the key to seeing the article about O'Neill and a great photo of him with some of his Chinese students. Mattie Lennon sends his column (Irish Eyes) from the annual Writer's Week in Listowel, while mingling among fellow playrights and authors. Rod Cohenour's at it again with some suggestions for one of his cherished recipes - M's Polynesian Beef Tips with Cilantro Lime Rice.

Melinda Cohenour (Armchair Genealogy) devotes her column this month to doing a tutorial to help our readers struggling on not only what does all the DNA info mean, but how to employ the data into their own genealogy Family Trees.

We appreciate Michael Craner, our co-founder and the webmaster who keeps us in our place in order to bring you the eZine each month. Thanks again, Mike!

See you in July!

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