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By Bud Lemire

Playing Cribbage, isn't very hard
It's all about, what you'll do with each card
Will you throw away those, or the other two
What you keep and throw in the crib, is up to you

Fifteens, pairs, and runs, all help to move the peg
It's all about the cards, it's not about your leg
Getting as many points, as you can make
Pegging across the board, with every point you take

It's my Crib now, what will I throw away
Points to keep in my hand, and ones that I can play
I had to break up my hand, what else could I do
Yet, I'm hoping it will work, with the cards I threw

What will the cut be
I hope it will help me
Oh, two points for the Jack, that will work out fine
And it goes great, with this hand of mine

Oh great, my opponent threw away points for me to take
My peg is moving faster, with each point that I make
I'm ahead of her, in fact I might go out
My next hand though, leaves me with some doubt
My opponent passed me by, she's a winner in this game
Having fun in Cribbage, is my only aim

©April 18, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Cribbage is a fun game, that depends upon what cards you get,
what you throw away, the Cut, what your opponent throws away,
and how many points you get from the combination of the above.
Some thinking choices are involved, but it is interesting to see what
shows up, and what it adds up to. It's a game that has been around
a very long time, and is still enjoyed many years later.

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