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Journey In A Song

By Bud Lemire

Every music artist, shares their journey in a song
We listen to the words, and we follow along
Sometimes, it's about an experience they went through
Other times, it's about what they like to do

It could be about something, they wish us to hear
A message in the song, that comes across so clear
Other times the melody, is worth listening to
It helps us to define, what we are going through

I find it fascinating, the story in their song
Because we listen, and are glad we came along
The song might be imagined, but still it's what was told
We learned it as a child, and we're still singing it when we're old

Sometimes the song has a meaning, that we may never know
The music artist lets us, figure it out as we go
It might mean something different, to each and everyone
Others just follow along, while the lyrics are on the run

Songs are about life, and changes it is making
As we travel in time, in the voyage that we are taking
We listen to the words, and we follow along
As every music artist, shares their Journey In A Song

©April 10, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

We like an artist because of the music we've come to enjoy.
Their lyrics tell a story, from their beginnings to their ends.
Through the years we follow what they share with us. As time
goes on, their messages change, as our lives change. The story
they were telling us at the beginning, is now a different story. In
each song, each album or CD, there is a theme in what they are
trying to get across to the listeners. What have we picked up?
Do we understand what they are telling us? Or is it a hidden
message to someone else out there in the listening audience?
All we can do is enjoy the music, as they share
their journey in a song.

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