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The Island

By Bud Lemire

Many think of the Island, as a place of fishing
Some go there to heal, and do a lot of wishing
Many go there, to walk along the shore
Yet there are many, who do so much more

When your soul is hurt, and broken is the feeling
The Island is a place to be, to do a lot of healing
When a loved one passes, or you've been hurt in some way
Go to the Island, and spend it there on any given day

Peace will embrace you, silence will be the mind
Let your soul heal, and comfort you will find
Your worries, and your shattered soul, will lessen
Time spent on the Island, will truly be a blessing

You can launch a boat there, or a new beginning
When you're on the Island, your soul will be grinning
I think that's the reason, birds and other creatures go there
There's something about the Island, it has a healing air

Everyone needs a place to go, to make themselves whole
After you've been shaken, and broken is your soul
Come out to the Island, and you will feel
So much better, the peace will help you heal

©May 27, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Aronson Island is the place I am talking about. And it
has helped me and many others heal from pain, and loss,
and so much more. There's something about it that does
so much more than what you can imagine. Sure, you can
fish, swim, walk, and enjoy nature as well. But there is a
certain peace it gives you by being there, that heals any
hurt you have that has caused your soul damage. I should
know, as it has done wonders for me.

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