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Farmers Market

By Bud Lemire

Iím going to the Farmers Market to get something
Going to find out what the farmers did bring
Located behind where the popcorn wagon use to sit
Going to go there and see what I can get

Farmers from Yooper country, bring their produce into town
Upon the stands theyíre placed, for us to look around
Grown here, in the U.P.
Maybe Iíll find something there for me

Once I bought some beets, and I tried something new
Made a beetroot sandwich, like the Australians do
Tomatoes, cucumbers, and some green beans
Several other foods, many assorted greens

Squash is there in Autumn, Acorn tastes so great
Zucchini is good in bread, itís something I ate
The farmers take pride, and bring them there to share
Placed upon the shelves so we will be aware

Come down and take a look, the prices canít be beat
Youíll find something good that you can eat
Iím proud of all the farmers that take the time to grow
All the foods at the Farmers Market, that helps enrich your soul

©Oct 18, 2006 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The Farmers Market is located between North 9th street and
1st avenue North here in Escanaba, and has been around for
many years. Opened early Saturday, and late afternoon
on Wednesdays (when in season).

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