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A Pigeon Stared At Me

By Bud Lemire

A pigeon stared at me from outside the window
Moving its head from side to side as if to say hello
I wonder what it was thinking or what it had to say
As a sprinkle of rain came down upon this special day

It seemed to have a message, but I couldnít read its mind
But it made me smile, because it seemed so kind
It rested on a bird feeder, staring in at me
What could it be thinking, what could it be

Perhaps it was wondering if I knew Pigeon Talk
Or if I was pigeon toed and could I do a Pigeon walk
Pigeons arenít known by many as the most beautiful bird
Yet as I looked out the window, that statement seemed so absurd

Because I saw the beauty inside as the pigeon looked back at me
What makes something beautiful, is the beauty only you can see
Some never see it right in front of their eyes
Right there in plain sight without even a disguise

As the pigeon stared in at me, I was staring too
I wondered of its thoughts and exactly what it knew
Never take for granted the things that are there
Open up your senses and tune in to be aware

© July 5, 2010 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The day I saw the pigeon, I was touched by the way
it reacted to my stare back at it. Just like people have their
own ways, so do birds and animals. They should not be taken
lightly, for they are part of this world too.

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