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Aronsons Island

By Bud Lemire

A Baltimore Oriole, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, or a Cedar Waxwing
Are on Aronsons Island and you can hear them sing
So much to see if you are aware
A Brown Thrasher and woodpecker are even found there

A Yellow Warbler, Barn & Tree Swallows, and the Killdeer
Beautiful is their song as it comes upon your ear
The Canadian Goose, and the Great Blue Heron can be found
If you listen real closely, you can hear them around
Butterflies can be seen on a warm summer day
When flowers are in bloom and they like to play

A Green Leaper is there, which is a frog
The island is a great place to walk your dog
A bike path leads right to the end
Itís a wonderful place to take a friend

Walk along the shore, take in the scene
On Lake Michigan, where the trees are so green
Escanabaís Waterfront, what a beautiful sight
Iíve even seen some people flying a kite

People go there to swim, some go to fish
Possibly a walk, or anything else that you wish
You can launch your boat on the island too
Thereís so much at the island that you can do

© June 10, 2010 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I make it a daily event to go to Aronsons Island when the warm
weather is here. It brings me peace to see all the wonderful
creatures that come there. The beauty there is always found,
and the songs of the birds are always around. I try to capture
what I can with my camera, but some things must be
experienced right on the spot.

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