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What Do You See?

By Bud Lemire

In my life, at one point, I wondered who I could be
Wandering to the Island, I asked myself “What Do You See?”
So many people never take the time to see what is there
There are so many people that go unaware

I found peace within, and myself, on one quiet day
And the beauty I found, took my breath away
In a world so rushed, no one takes time to look
It's like reading one chapter, in a very large book

You're only getting a small part, of what's really there
When, what you aren't seeing, is found everywhere
On that quiet day, I was looking for me
But I found so much more, that I could see

I let myself become one with nature, and to my eyes
Came the joy within, and that was quite a surprise
If you slow down from life, and take time to be
Wherever you go, there will be much more to see

You see, I found myself, and yet so much more
Because I saw things, that I never noticed before
If you should ever ask yourself “What Do You See?”
Ask yourself “Is There More That You Can Be?”

©July 7, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Growing in many ways, is seeing more than you did
before. Noticing things, being perceptive. I was quite
surprised to see things that have always been there, but
because I wasn't paying attention to them before, I saw
them now. Because of that, I was in tune, and would
always see them from now on. Do you see what I see?
What do you see?

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