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I Love Music

By Bud Lemire

I love music, and itís music that I play
Helps me through, no matter what the day
And itís music that I love to explore
Itís what you may hear when you pass my door

Music, gentle and soft as a butterfly in the air
Rock and Roll, that has your feet moving everywhere
Oldies from the past that take you back in time
I have so much music in the library of my mind

What would we do without music, I really dread to think
To us who are human, itís the Heavenly link
It touches us deeply, right into our soul
I love hearing music wherever I go

It expresses how we feel, with the words we hear
It calms us into peacefulness, when weíre feeling fear
For me itís like life, I want to explore everything
And feel the feelings, that each song will bring

I surround myself with music, I surround myself with love
While the music plays inside my head, the birds fly up above
I love music, itís what Iíve always known
I grew up with music, and still love it fully grown
Listen to the music, let it take you where you want it to
I know that is what my music will always do

©May 02, 2009 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I love music! Mom sang to us as kids, which started the music
inside of us. Grandma played the piano and taught others how to
play right here in Escanaba. She played during the silent film
days. My sister Jeannie played the piano and guitar, and even
had an album out a long time ago. My brother Clyde, played Tuba
and Bass for many years. Me, I love music of all kinds, and can
not get enough of what I love so very much. I write the poems,
which could be put to music. Poems are songs without the music.
I love sharing music and my poetry, because I think everyone
should enjoy them. Life is too short not to enjoy that which is
music to our ears. Let the music play on, and enjoy the
memories they bring.

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