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The Kitty

By Bud Lemire

Young and playful with so much energy
Innocent and new, and so carefree
Exploring this new world with so much zest
Taking it all in and doing his best

Under the furniture, up on the chair
You’ll find this Kitty…everywhere
It won’t stop if there’s more to explore
Expect the unexpected, because you’ll get more

Going through the teething with his little bite
So little yet, that he sure feels light
But he’ll grow to be big, just like that paw
From the size of it, he’ll grow bigger than his Maw

With his appetite, he’ll stop to eat from his dish
No doubt in time he’ll be thinking of tuna fish
Will he sleep on or under the bed?
Or will he just sleep on the floor instead?

Dreaming of the adventures he’ll have as a cat
Exploring this world, wherever he’s at
Letting out a roar, but a meow is heard
He spots a creature with wings, it’s a bird

“So much to learn, so much to know”
“But I’ll learn what I can as I grow”
“These two-legged creatures have no paws like me”
“But the love they give, is the best it can be”

©July 19, 2008 Bud Lemire

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