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The Blue Screen

By Bud Lemire

On the computer, so much can be seen
One thing you wish not to, is the Blue Screen
It means something inside, just isn't right
Maybe something is loose, and something isn't tight

Maybe the fan won't work, or something unknown
Whatever it is, it causes you to groan
The only friend in your home, has gone dead
Life goes on, nothing more can be said

Yet the thoughts pass by, and they pass through
And the screen isn't the only thing that is blue
Your life doesn't revolve around a computer, no need to worry so
Yet you are frustrated, lost, uneasy, and feeling low

Nothing lasts forever, and you did use it a lot
You must have posted thousands of pictures, no wonder its shot
It wasn't sitting there, doing nothing at all
Your fingers were busy, they were on the ball

Mr. Blue, why did you come onto my screen
I'd prefer the sunrise and sunset to be seen
But as long as you're here, and plan to stay
I'll replace you, because I can't go on this way

©Sep 7, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I got the blue screen and couldn't get it working again.
But I saved up and got myself a new computer. I am
working myself back to where I use to be before the
Blue screen came into my life. It is like life. We meet
many people in our lives, who come along and touch us.
Then they pass away. The memories will always be there.
And now I can make new memories to look back on. It isn't
the end of our world, our lives go on.

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