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Coach Thibault

By Bud Lemire

When I was younger, several years ago
There was a coach, I came to know
I was a student at Escanaba High
I wasn’t good at gymnastics, although I did try

This coach treated everyone equal and fair
I knew with all my efforts I was glad to be there
It was at that time in the gym
That I came to know and admire him

I didn’t follow sports, but always heard his name
In the news, Coach Thibault’s team won the game
I didn’t know then, but soon it would be so
This coach and special man, I would come to know

As in every case, time seemed to pass by
I’d see him at the City Band concert, and I’d say hi
Or I’d see him walking around in the grocery store
He always remembered me, and share a little more

After telling him who I was, he looked at me
A smile crossed his face, with a returning memory
“Yes, I remember you,” is what he said
And it took me back to those days in Physical Ed

©Aug 28, 2009 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I couldn’t let this moment pass without honoring this special
man in this poem. He has given so much to the High School kids
through the years.
I saw him recently at Elmer’s and he remembered me
with a smile. He asked where I was living now.
I told him The Harbor Tower. He said
his Mother use to live here. He smiled
and thanked me for the conversation
. I went away with a memory of a man I was glad to have known
in my lifetime.

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