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Happy To Live Here

By Bud Lemire

Iím so happy to live here
With the great lake so near
Right outside my window I can see
All the places I love to be

For those who move away, the grass isnít greener over the fence
Home is where the heart is, why thatís only using common sense
Long ago I had a Family home, where my heart was at
But people pass away, and you canít bring them back

Here there are people from all around
In the lobby many can be found
You can be alone or find a friend anywhere
A wonderful place to take the time to share

As my time here passes, Iím finding out
Just what living here is all about
The staff do their best to help you
You can tell by what they say and do

People come and go throughout each year
So precious are they, so glad they lived here
They are as unique as the tower is in shape
Out my window I see a great place to escape
The beauty of Ludington park and the great lake so near
I love the Harbor Tower, and Iím sure Happy To Live Here

©Feb 28, 2010 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Iím so thankful that back on July 1, 2004 that I had a chance to
move into the Tower and meet so many wonderful people.
Each one unique in so many ways. Many have passed, some have
moved away, but all shall be remembered throughout my lifetime.
Iíve made so many friends here. Those who talk
to me and know me, will know friends mean the most to me.
I canít name everyone, but I thank all my friends who live here. I
thank you each for making this place a wonderful place to live.

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