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Remembering Mom With Love

By Bud Lemire

With her final breath, and a tear from her eye
Her spiritual presence, took flight to the sky
To the place called Heaven, where we all go
She’s earned a special place there, this I truly know
She shared her gift of life and love, with us all
Until the time came, for her to answer the call

We shall remember, all she shared in the past
And the memories of these times, will always last
The memories when she sang to us, when we felt fear
We always felt so calm, when she was always near
The games we played, that were so much fun
It never really mattered who lost or who won

The pictures of the many faces, that she always drew
And the beautiful handwriting, that each of us knew
All the family stories, that she loved to tell
For me, I can still hear the ringing of her bell
I was her closest friend, when nobody else was here
I knew when she was happy, I knew her greatest fear

I’ve always called it home, because we were never apart
I knew she loved each of her children, with all of her heart
I hope everyone knows, I gave her the best care that I knew
Maybe I could’ve tried harder, but I did what I could do
I wish I could have done more, but she accepted me for being me
She always appreciated all I did do, and all that I could be

She was a warm and caring person, a Mother we all love
She earned a place in Heaven, with the Angels up above
As we journey in this life, one thing we all must know
She’ll always be in our memories and hearts, wherever we may go
I truly believe the love that we share with her, never really dies
Our spiritual bond with her lasts forever, that is the family tiesy

©2001 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Her journey continues in Heaven,
but her love is felt forever

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