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By Bud Lemire

I got an M&M one day, from a friend
My current life I lived in, was about to end
I was going on a journey, far away
It was given to me, on this special day

It wasn't chocolate, it was to keep things cold
Changes in my life, were about to unfold
It was, to keep all my drinks cool
He never, took me for a fool

I was on an adventure, to a foreign place
I traveled alone, and faith is what I'd embrace
I used it, on my trip to Quebec in the year Two Thousand and One
When I returned, that adventure was over and done

I traveled West, and brought it along
It kept things cold, my heartbeat strong
To Washington State, to start anew
It didn't last, then my life there was through

I keep that M&M he gave to me, in the freezer every day
My friend who gave it to me, has since then passed away
Even though it was a cold gift to give
The thought keeps me warm, each day that I live

©Oct 10, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Thank you Bob (Miller)! I'm still using that M&M to keep
some things cold. Every time I do I think of the man who
had a warm heart and a thoughtful and caring soul. I'm
reminded that so many wonderful people come into our
lives and then leave it. Touching us with their presence,
and forever leaving a wonderful memory to cherish what
they gave to us. And I know, he is not far away, and watches
over me and helps to guide me from the Spirit World.

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