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Read Me

By Bud Lemire

Read me, read me like a book
Just go ahead, just take a look
Chapter by chapter, turn the page
You're the audience, and I'm on stage

What does my body say to you?
With every movement that I go through
What do you see in my eyes
With my body there are no lies

The way I hold my head
My response when words are said
How I move my hand around
Read me, and I won't make a sound

The way I dress may speak to you
Some thoughts on this, might come through
My reactions in a special activity
May be what you are reading from me

I'd like to know just what you see
When you are looking at me
Read me, just like a book
What do you see, when you look

©Oct 10, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Many people can look at people and read
the person. Know exactly their personality
and what they are like. Many who have lost
their hearing can do that as well. People who
are in tune, and are aware of everything pay
close attention and understand so much.
Your eyes, posture, hands, legs, position,
voice, clothes you wear, and so much more.
They know how to read you like a book

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