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World Series 2019 Thoughts

By Mary E. Adair

We have already seen the glimmers of what being well balanced, or matched, in this example can do: oh how evenly equal were the battling baseball teams from Texas and from Washington DC. So what can we expect from a well balanced sounding year called 2020?

It was almost excruciating to watch them as they stayed so equal. Right down to the 7th inning of the 7th game, they were only separated by minimal points, after each team, the Astros and the Nationals, had already won 3 games apiece. It was almost like, ok, now it's my turn today. Congratulations to the Washington Nationals on their first ever World Series and the championship for 2019.

This was the most ambivalent I think I've ever been about who should win, as my lifelong team, the St Louis Cardinals (my grandfather raised me as one of their fans) had lost, been swept in fact, by the Nationals, and of course that was the National league to which I've been faithful. Yet, here I am, living in Texas, so it would be wonderful to see them win again as they did in 2017, but hey, they are in the American league.

So, in the long run, I watched to see great plays and great pitching, analyzing in my own way who I thought they should bench or praise, and both teams were amazingly good. I have to say it was the least serious attitude and comportment within the dugouts and even on the field I've ever seen. It was rather refreshing, to be truthful, and due in large part I believe, to the youth of the majority of the players on both teams.

I am already looking forward to the makeup of future teams in both leagues, not only the two World Series competitors this year, but all teams in both leagues. The draft and its intricacies are over my head but I still enjoy seeing the new faces and sizing up their potential.

The Cardinals can count on me to be rooting for them but as I mentioned, living in Texas and being a National League devotee, the Arlington based Texas Rangers get a lot of my attention as well. Meanwhile, I'll be upping my viewing minutes to the NFL and AFL even though I'm a "Boyz" fan, a good game is a good game, you know, so then, the STL Blues hockey, and maybe the Lakers over NBA way, and there's always racing, until it is time to hear once again

Play Ball!

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