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My Mind Doesn't Need A Cane

By Mary E. Adair

My mind doesn't need a cane,
Which is all to the good I believe -
Like the runny-nosed child with a hanky
Doesn't have to rely on his sleeve.

The energy that flows through my brain
Doesn't quite make it down to my feet
So things that I think of doing while sitting
Are a challenge when I rise from my seat.

My mind is quite active choosing me tasks
That my body is reluctant to attempt
But the thought is there urging me onward
To chores from which I should be exempt

For instance the chain saw floats in my thoughts
And it would work wonders on all those tree sprouts
But even lifting the case where it resides
Floods my muscles with quivering doubts.

The numerous chores numerically listed
In my mind's columns that remain numberless
Make just lining up tools to attack them
Define the actual state of encumberness

So I send my dreams dancing into the past
To scenes where I could accomplish with ease
The exact difficulties troubling me now
That cannot be done at all, with my knees.

Bodily impairments just appear with age
Is the comfortless answer from my doctor's lips
Easy for him to casually state
While I try to cope with my unstable hips.

Oh where is the fairy godmother of those tales
Who with a wave from her magic wand could cure
Whatever ailment or disillusioned sad fate
One believed they were destined to endure?

Yet, my mind is nimble and finds some answers
To each of my worrisome queries
And counsels me wisely how to do it myself
Without aid from godmothers or fairies.

Slowly and carefully is the pace for me today
Which yesterday teemed with activities
Horseback riding, water skiiing, running for miles,
Are no longer my choice or proclivities.

Now my tendency is to soothe my cabin-fevered mind
With kind, happy forever after family together scenes
That the moguls of Hollywood have conveniently filled,
Or the similar ebooks, with heroes in tuxedos or jeans.

Rather than actually running around to each store
My days are spent fingering computer keys
Browsing the worldwide shopping is so easy
And helps alleviate my desire for activities.

One need not buy when shopping online is the rule
But yearning is awakened that makes it so easy
That one must keep their mind's impulses at bay
Lest the click here to buy makes the banker queasy.

So nimble the mind, so active the thoughts
That fly through time and space and question why -
Are still welcome to explore the life that I live
And hopefully shall, until the day that I die.

İNovember23, 2019 Mary E. Adair

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