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A Tap On My Shoulder

By Bud Lemire

She stood there facing me, with her tongue hanging out
As I took in what I saw, it left me with some doubt
Most people would be appalled, and walk away
But something told me, that I should stay

I remember my Mom, worked with those with special needs
As I stood there watching, just to see where this leads
She was looking at DVDs, I was looking at some too
A tap on my shoulder, is what she would do

She would point at the DVD, it was Magnum P. I.
“That was a great series,” would be my reply
She would again tap my shoulder, and she'd point again
“Oh “Star Trek” is my favorite, since I was ten”

She pointed, after a shoulder tap once more
“Gilligan's Island is a classic like the others before”
I looked up to see, that she was walking away
Something inside told me, this was a special day

She found a way to communicate
For some reason, it made me feel great
Was she an Angel, sent to see what I'd do
Could she be a spirit, that I once knew
I ask you this, what would you do?
If this person, came up to you.

©Nov 17, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

At first it surprised me, as I took in her face
Then somewhere deep inside, maybe she needed
someone she could communicate with. I stayed,
and those taps, and her pointing at the DVDs,
told me, that inside this person, is a soul with
a heart. They may not be like us in one way, but in
another way, they are. So please remember this
if someone comes up to you, and looks a bit different.

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