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I Hear You

By Bud Lemire

What would you do if suddenly you couldn't hear a thing
And you keep wondering what each new day will bring
Several years would pass by without hearing a sound
You'd have to learn to read lips wherever people are found

Then along comes a tragic illness and an operation so severe
It happens all of a sudden, and sounds then happen to be near
Overwhelming joy, filling your heart with happy tears
All those forgotten sounds, enlightening your ears

Something so miraculous, has happened to you
Something so wondrous, your dreams come true
So much happiness, you just want to dance
Divine intervention has given you a second chance

The Angels are watching over you
They're enjoying everything you do
“Listen closely, and tell us what you hear”
“We have returned full capacity, to your ear”

As you heal some more
And are a lot less sore
Every sound will be like music to you
All the sounds, that you once knew
So many prayers came together for this gift
So that it would touch you and uplift

©Nov 13, 2019 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Losing any of your senses isn't funny. But when
we have hope, and believe that one day, we may
just see, hear, smell, walk, again.
We must have faith, believe, and know
that Hope is always out there.
And it might just happen.

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