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By Mary E. Adair

January 2020

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.’”- —Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Words cannot convey how sincerely moi places Hope in the quote chosen to open this new decade of the New Year. It has been a "2019 what can go wrong, quit, break, disappear, dissolve, crater, etc. period of time around these parts." We did have a lovely family trip/visit to North Texas for Christmas. See pic below.

We are fortunate to get a glimpse into what is most likely to occur or not from the expertise of the Numerologist Michael John Fierro in his forecast for "2020- 4 Universal Year ..." As he puts it: Reconstruction and Building a Strong Foundation or, Destruction and Chaos. This editor shall continue to hope for the most excellent of outcomes.

Meanwhile Mattie Lennon regales us with tales from the past by revered Irish authors then skips ahead to catch the highlights of the first Tractor Pull event for kids in this issue's "Irish Eyes." Judith Kroll ("OnTrek") shares her vision for an ideal approach to stepping into the well heralded 2020.

The Genealogist among us (Melinda Cohenour in "Armchair Genealogy") seeks even further into the past with part one on Pierre Cresson, “Le Jardiniere” a 7th Great Grandfather in her tree. But husband Rod Cohenour with a more current agenda shares with her permission a cherished and carefully developed Pollo Poblano in "Cooking with Rod."

Thomas F. O'Neill --"Introspective," discusses goals for the lessons for his students while Marilyn Carnell -- "Sifoddling Along," decries the loss of intrinsic values as the less hurried, less frantic lifestyles flow into the past.

John I. Blair sent three poems for January: "Undeliverable," "Perennial," and "The Glass Door." Bruce Clifford penned two poems "Listen to Me" and "Inside You've Grown." "Her Last Years Alone," "Waiting for the Blue," "On The Threshold," "A Private Poem," and "The Christmas Beat" are the five poems from Bud Lemire.

Michael Craner, our co-founder and webmaster, who resembles a certain fabled entity from the North Pole when he wants to, is the key to our well being, our equilibrium, our dreams. Thanks again, Mike!

See you in February!

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